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I started my journey in this world May 29th 1987 and ever since have I been trying to figure out exactly what was in the cards for me, trying all types of sports, hobbies, jobs, friends and music, and didn’t start to form my own category until a couple of years ago.

My passion is marketing and entrepreneurship and I have been studying and working with marketing since my freshmen year at a high school of commerce back in 2004, something which I suspect to shine through in my blog.

I’ve never really cared for reading blogs nor sharing my thoughts with anyone. For that reason have I decided to go against everything I’m used to and start this blog. I’ll share a decent amount of my everyday life observations and adventures, simply because I never expected to do so. Surprise, me! 🙂

That being said, I also believe that the sharing of information is one of the most important elements in the modern society and if my thoughts, feelings and experiences can help anyone to sort out their own entangled mind on any issue, it is worth it.

For more about me, feel free to comment down below, mail me, call me or send me a paper plane with the details on a rendez-vous spot.




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