I do yoga… I said it. It’s out there.

Yoga Muay Thai MMA


I recently started doing yoga at Yoga På Vesterbro and in the very short time I’ve gone there, I’ve learned to relax in head stand and feel at ease lying on a brick. And who would’ve figured, it only took me one session to get the feel of completely de-stressing, and forgetting the hectic Copenhagen life that was rushing on just outside.


My attitude towards yoga has always been with the preconceived idea that it was nothing but sitting on a mat talking about zen and mindfulness, and something that was reserved for the opposite gender. These thoughts of yoga were sought disproved by a colleague who had done yoga for several years. He was doing no other workout and he seemed to be thoroughly fit, and he could definitely touch his toes with stretched legs – which was my final incentive. So, I manned up and joined a yoga class. A part of my manning up was that I started MMA training a couple of days before the first yoga class, just to make sure that my manly manliness would be preserved. Truth be told, nothing feels better than disappearing inward in a Yoga class before rushing off to an MMA session. Both things take a lot of concentration, but in two diametrically opposed tempi.

That I gave in to my prejudices of yoga and came to enjoy it has made me realize how many things I could be missing out on due to such prejudice thoughts. Like a child who rejects a dish before ever having tasted it.

When was the last time you had your prejudices disproved? And did you let them go?

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Post Scriptum

In regards to my latest post “Jack of Many Trades, Master of None“, Marcus Hickleton suggested in a comment that I should read the book “Mastery” by George Leonard, which I did. One of its main messages was to embrace the act of chopping wood and carrying water, which translated to plain English, is to learn to love the process, and not solely focusing on the final goal, thus risking a flawful foundation. As this made perfect reason to me, I’ve decided that I need to do 100 hours of Yoga and 100 hours of MMA, and that is my first goal. Not to be able to touch my feet or confidently enter a sparring match, but to be there for the process and learn to love just that.

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